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Attorney Rick Coad
Attorney Rick Coad

Our personal injury lawyers know how to get you just compensation for a personal injury in the Madison, WI area. An accident can leave you with physical injuries that can change your life.  The pain and complications can be lasting.  Medical bills from hospital stays, doctor visits, and treatment can seem endless and difficult to pay.  The time, frustration, and emotional stress can leave you feeling like things will never get better.  We’re here to help.

Coad Law Office can help you get fair and complete compensation for a personal injury caused by the negligence or reckless conduct of others, including car accidents, trip and fall negligence cases, or any other situations where someone else’s lack of reasonable care causes you harm.  Rick Coad will give you the time and attention your situation deserves.  Each year Rick takes on a select few personal injury cases and delivers results. He is known for his skill, good judgment, tenacious representation, and works hard to get his clients exceptional results.  If you or someone you know has been hurt in a personal injury accident, call Coad Law Office to set up a free consultation to see if you have a claim. We might not be the biggest personal injury firm in Wisconsin, but that’s the way we like it. You’ll talk directly to Rick and he’ll shoot you straight. If we agree to work together, you’ll work directly with Rick throughout your case – no handoff to paralegals or associates. Rick will give you the personalized attention needed to make things right.

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  • Personal Injury (Car Accident) Settlement - Stoughton, WI (Dane County)

      Attorney Rick Coad negotiated a six-figure settlement for his client who was injured in an automobile accident. The client suffered a fractured pelvis and collarbone (clavicle) in a one-car accident.  The client was the passenger in a car that veered off the road and struck a tree due to the driver’s inattentive driving.  The driver’s insurance policy limits were insufficient to cover the client’s medical bills and pain and suffering claims.  Thus, Rick had to pursue what is called an underinsured motorist claim with the client’s automobile insurance carrier.  When the negligent party’s insurance coverage is too low to fully compensate a person injured in an accident, the injured person may pursue recovery of additional damages from his or her own insurance company from the underinsured motorist bodily injury term of his policy.  This term, along with the uninsured motorist term, are often overlooked by an injured person.  Through persistent negotiating, Rick was able to recover the policy limits from both insurance companies, providing his client with the maximum available settlement.

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