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Wisconsin Pardon Attorney

Governor Evers Pardon Update

Earlier this week, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers granted 96 new pardons. That raises his total number of pardons granted to 1,029, as reported here: “Evers Breaks Record for Pardons.” Here at Coad Law Office, we have assisted dozens of our clients with filing their pardon applications, and we have been very successful. A pardon attorney …

• July 28, 2023
Madison Pardon Lawyer

New Wisconsin Bail Law

In April 2023, Wisconsin voters approved, and Governor Evers signed into law, a referendum that changed the Wisconsin bail laws in Section 969, as is summarized by this AP article. Previously, courts could set bail if they found that it was necessary to assure a defendant’s appearance in court. Now, the revised law allows courts …

• May 11, 2023
Madison Pardon Lawyer

New Wisconsin Reckless Driving Penalties

In a rare bipartisan bill in the Wisconsin Legislature, the penalties for reckless driving are getting more strict. In a recent vote, as summarized by the Associated Press,, the legislature is seeking to curb a reported 32% year over year increase in reckless driving citations in 2021. Accordingly, the bill will double the fine …

• March 23, 2023
Alec Baldwin Investigation

Hard Lessons From Alec Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin learned the hard way: you don’t have to talk to the police. A recent article in the New York Times entitled “Alec Baldwin Didn’t Have to Talk to the Police. Neither Do You.“, describes how Alec Baldwin talked himself into a whole lot of trouble. As you’ll recall, on the set of a …

• January 25, 2023