Governor Evers Pardon Update

• July 28, 2023
Wisconsin Pardon Attorney

Earlier this week, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers granted 96 new pardons. That raises his total number of pardons granted to 1,029, as reported here: “Evers Breaks Record for Pardons.”

Here at Coad Law Office, we have assisted dozens of our clients with filing their pardon applications, and we have been very successful. A pardon attorney can help you write an effective pardon application that can give you your best chance in getting a pardon. The first step in the process is to ensure that you obtain certified copies of all of the relevant court documents from your case. That can take some time, and it is critical to get all of the right records so that you can be considered for a pardon.

After obtaining your court records, the application has two big questions that a pardon attorney can help you answer in order to give you your best chance. First, you need a very good reason as to why you need (not want) a pardon. In other words, how would getting a pardon positively impact your life? As you can imagine, the Governor wants to issue pardons that will help people live a better life.

The second big question that requires an effective answer is why have you earned a pardon? With this answer, we help you explain why, since the time of your conviction to date, you have lived a life that is worthy of the Governor granting you a pardon. Any documents, or letters from people who know you well and have seen your growth in life, can help show the Governor’s office that you deserve his consideration for a pardon.

The attorneys at Coad Law Office can help you answer these important questions and present your pardon application in its best light.

If you are considering applying for a pardon in Wisconsin, it is important to hire a lawyer who knows how to help get you your best chance of success. Call us today for a consultation.