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Our Process

When we design an estate plan for you, there are three main pieces of the planning:
People, Property and Plans. Giving thought to each piece will help us design the most
effective plan to meet your needs.

Free 15-Minute Consult

Take this first step toward securing the right plan for you and your family. There’s no need to track down all of your legal and financial information at this point. It’s simply a call where we can get introduced to each other and have a conversation about what made you decide you want to talk to an estate planning attorney. Before the call give some thought to the people in your life, the property we can protect, and what your goals might be for those people and that property. 


The next step in our planning process is for us to meet in person or on-line – whatever you prefer. Prior to our meeting, you’ll submit your family details and any existing plan documents in advance so that we can make our meeting as efficient as possible. That exercise alone will make you feel more organized than ever. In our first meeting together, we will review your current situation, and what that default plan would look like in the event something happened to you. If you don’t like how that would look then we’ll discuss a plan to address your specific concerns and needs. This is where our relationship really begins. And you’ll leave knowing that we’ll design a plan that protects what matters most to you.


Once we have designed the plan that is right for you, we’ll meet again to review all of your planning documents. We’ll explain the key provisions that we decided on together to accomplish your goals. You’ll sign all of the documents and put your plan in place.


In the event your plan includes a living trust, it is critical to fund the trust in order for it to function as planned. We will give you detailed instructions on how to make sure all of the assets that fund your trust (and even those assets we leave outside the trust) are updated so that you can have peace of mind that the plan we put in place will do exactly what we intended.

When you are ready to meet, please complete the Book A Call form for your complimentary 15-minute call and we will be in touch.

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