Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual Assault Lawyer

Rick Coad has 20 years of experience effectively defending allegations of sexual assault. Many of the cases he has defended have resulted in dismissal, or reduced charges. Contact him today to discuss your case.

Attorney Rick Road
Attorney Rick Coad

Rick Coad is a sexual assault defense lawyer in Madison, WI. He has successfully defended charges of first degree sexual assault, second degree sexual assault, third degree sexual assault, fourth degree sexual assault, sexual assault of a child, statutory rape, and enticement, among others. Sexual assault cases can turn on aggressive investigation, challenging physical evidence, and intensive preparation for trial.

The circumstances involved in these cases can vary widely. For most of our clients, it’s a situation they never thought they’d find themselves in. We have defended cases where the complaining witness has claimed she was too intoxicated to consent. In other cases, a complaining witness may allege that she consented to certain sexual activity, but then did not consent to other sexual activity. Often, there are no other witnesses, and a case can come down to the combination of “he said/she said” and little physical evidence. It is scary to be accused of such an offense. Rick Coad understands how to investigate these cases, which experts to use to his clients’ advantage, what motions to file, and how to defend them at trial. Often, however, if a case is handled properly from a defense perspective, a defense lawyer can achieve excellent results without going to trial. Even in the most difficult of cases, it is possible avoid the most serious potential outcomes and get a just result.

Coad Law is located in Madison, Wisconsin, and defends people charged with sexual assault offenses throughout the state, including: Dane County, Columbia County, Iowa County, Jefferson County, Sauk County. Contact us for a free consultation today.

Case Results

  • Another Second Degree Sexual Assault Case Dismissed - Dane County - Madison, WI (2021)

      This case is another example of how an aggressive and thorough investigation to counter the state’s investigation can lead to an outstanding result. The client was accused of sexual assault in Dane County, WI (Madison) (a class C felony, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 40 years). Prior to the court case, his probation officer took him into custody and the Department of Corrections sought to revoke his supervision based on the accusation. Along with his skilled investigator, Rick put together a defense that won an all-day revocation hearing with more than ten witnesses testifying. And on cross-examination of the complaining witness, Rick discredited her version of events by finding key inconsistencies in her story and constructing a timeline that left her claim incredible. Months later, Rick convinced the district attorney’s office that it could not carry its burden of proof, and it dismissed the serious felony case prior to trial.

  • Second Degree Sexual Assault Case Dismissed - Dane County - Madison, WI (2021)

      Attorney Rick Coad defended a client charged with one count of Second Degree Sexual Assault with the Use of Force, and two counts of Fourth Degree Sexual Assault in Dane County, WI. Mr. Coad’s client was a registered nurse with no prior criminal history. His client had his career and livelihood on the line. Through a thorough investigation, Attorney Coad discovered evidence that contradicted the complaining witness’s version of events, and showed that the encounter was consensual. He also hired an expert to conduct a forensic evaluation of his client’s phone and was able to construct a timeline of events that showed the complaining witness’s version of events was likely false. Attorney Coad successfully negotiated the dismissal of all of the charges prior to trial. The result achieved shows the critical importance of the defense thoroughly and aggressively investigating a case and then understanding how to persuasively communicate that information to achieve an exceptional result.

  • Sexual Assault Dismissals

      2nd Degree Sexual Assault cases are some of the most serious cases that can be charged, and carry prison sentences if convicted. Madison, WI sexual assault defense lawyer Rick Coad has achieved the exceptional result of getting three cases dismissed in a row, and one fourth degree sexual assault case dismissed as well. These dismissals were achieved for several reasons. First, the results achieved show the critical importance of the defense examining every detail in a timeline of events, and thoroughly and aggressively investigating a case. Second, Rick is as skilled in presenting his client’s case to a district attorney, judge or jury, as any lawyer in Wisconsin. Over almost two decades of practice, he has earned a reputation that benefits his clients. If you are accused of this or any other serious offense give us a call at our office in Madison, WI.

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